Useful Tips in Wearing High Heels

Fixing Broken High heels on your own can make you save money and relieve you from the stressful moment when you break your heels.

Useful Tips in Wearing High Heels

How to Fix Broken High Heels at Home

Shoes are good while it lasts and sometimes fixing it can be a great way to keep it in your wardrobe.
Shoes can take a lot of wear and tear and high heels can work wobbly or even break in two. No matter you have seen fearless heroines do in films, broken shoes, particularly high heels, cannot be fixed with a chew of gum. Nor can simply detach your other heels and turn your Manolo Blahnik pumps into an appealing pair of ballet flats.
In reality, a tube of strong glue in your pocket can be a lifeguard for shoe disasters on the run. When you feel like your high heels are coming wobbly or about to surrender, move up on your toes, taking the weight off your heels so you do not fall. If your heel disconnects completely, recover any parts you can find.
Next, cautiously make your way to a place where you can take a sit and see the damage in your high heels. If the heel was tacked to the sole, coat the bulging nails with glue. You can slide the slip the nails back into its original holes. Hold your heel in place until the glue dries up.
On the other hand, when a glued-on part on your high heels disconnects from the sole, you can simply scrape off the dried glue and coat it again with fresh glue. Hold both parts until they attach to each other. In addition, if your high heels break in two, you can coat glue on one part at the site of the break and try to reattach the other part. Halt off your feet as much as you can until you change to another shoe.
If you experience this stressful moment, do not panic as there are ways on how to fix your broken high heels. Of course, if you cannot do the tips stated above, then you can also hire someone to the work. Be sure that he can help you to fix your heels’ problem and give you great results of his work. Otherwise, you can buy a new pair of shoes if you want.

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